How to find a good hotel in St. Petersburg, in the city center?

How to find a good hotel in St. Petersburg, in the city center?

Where is the best place to rent a hotel in St. Petersburg? It is not enough to score the necessary filters in the search engine and choose the most suitable offer. It is important to take into account not only the price, but also the cost of additional services, availability of reservations, ratings and reviews, location and proximity to attractions.

Description of the districts of St. Petersburg

First you need to get a little acquainted with the city. Saint Petersburg is divided into 18 administrative districts. However, only a few are popular among tourists:

- Central (Admiralteysky district, Smolninskoye Municipal District, Sennoy District, Kolomna Municipal District);

If you are planning to visit St. Petersburg, then book a hotel in the Central district, where a huge number of monumental and cultural attractions are concentrated. The main objects of the city are located in the historical center: the Hermitage, the Winter Palace, St. Isaac's Cathedral. A separate attraction is Nevsky Prospekt with old buildings, souvenir shops and museums.

- Kirovsky district;

It borders on the Admiralteysky district and the historical part of the city, and is also the 2nd in the rating of popular districts among St. Petersburg residents. There are not many attractions here, but the center is easily accessible by public transport.

- Vasilievsky Island;

Here you will like the beautiful historical buildings, Sevkabel Port, Strelka, as well as the popular museum "Kunstkamera". Vasileostrovsky district is a kind of sea gate, so you can admire the Gulf of Finland from the local embankments. It is especially beautiful at sunset.

How to find a hotel in the center

Now that we have learned a little more about the tourist areas of the city, let's move on to finding housing in the center.

One option is to use websites to book hotels. On such resources, you can choose the desired area of the city, as well as, in addition to the main characteristics – cost, availability of rooms and services, find additional information about the hotel – photos, ratings and reviews.

Another option is to seek help from a travel agency. Such companies provide services for searching, booking and organizing holidays in St. Petersburg, while you are immediately introduced to a variety of hotels within your budget.

However, we recommend not to look for a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg through intermediaries. Book a room on the official website of the hotel. More often it is much more profitable than services and tour operators.

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