Where is it better to book a hotel in St. Petersburg?

Where is it better to book a hotel in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is an ideal place for a short weekend and a family trip. Museums, palaces and parks will certainly leave only positive emotions. However, the formula for a good holiday is not only in the cultural program, but also in a comfortable hotel.

Where is the best place to rent a hotel in St. Petersburg? Definitely – in the historical center, and we tell you about the rest of the nuances in the article.

Choosing a neighborhood

When choosing a hotel, first of all focus on its location. The historical part of the city includes several districts:

- Admiralty;

If you book a room in a hotel located in the districts of Nevsky and Admiralteysky Avenues, you will be able to get to the very center of the city on foot.

Admiralteysky district is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the historical monuments of St. Petersburg, walk along the canals, admire the views, as well as have fun in numerous restaurants and bars.

- Petrogradsky;

The Petrograd side is located on small islands cut by rivers and canals. The area is famous for the fact that it is here that the Peter and Paul Fortress is located, from which the construction of the city began.

In the Petrogradsky district, you can see the first buildings built by order of Peter, walk along the old streets and courtyards.

- Vasileostrovsky;

“Vaska” is also not inferior in historical value and rich architecture. The area was built up together with the city and has preserved many attractions in the style of Petrovsky Baroque.

The island attracts tourists because it is a sea gate. Once there were channels that were called lines. Later they were filled in, creating streets, and the tradition of calling them lines remained.

Choosing a hotel class

The next point before booking a hotel in St. Petersburg is to choose a class. We recommend staying in 3-4 star hotels to spend your vacation in comfortable conditions and quality service.

All hotels are conditionally divided into:

- luxury;

If you are looking for a luxury vacation at the highest level, then the best choice, of course, will be to book a room in one of the luxury hotels in St. Petersburg.

However, it is worth considering that the prices for accommodation in such rooms are higher than in ordinary hotels.

- mid-range hotels;

If you want to combine comfort and affordable price, choose medium-sized hotels.

They are usually located closer to tourist attractions, which will allow you to significantly save time on the road.

- hostels, small hotels;

In search of low prices for accommodation, you can book a room in a hostel or a small hotel. However, be prepared for the simple conditions in the rooms and the lack of service.

Choosing the best option

When choosing a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg, you should pay attention to the following:

- proximity to tourist attractions;

- public transport;

- convenience and comfort of the rooms;

- availability of lobbies, conference halls, restaurants;

- pet-friendly atmosphere;

- reviews on popular services;

- official website with constantly updated content;

- special offers for booking rooms.

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