What unusual parks can you visit in St. Petersburg?

What unusual parks can you visit in St. Petersburg?

Each district of St. Petersburg has its own green zone. The parks of the northern capital amaze with their rich decoration, well-groomed territory and unique atmosphere.

We have selected several unusual parks that are definitely worth a visit. And to know more about St. Petersburg and its sights, go to the “News” section on the official website of the Express Sadovaya Hotel. We often post collections for tourists and special offers for booking.

Summer garden

At the beginning of the 18th century there were swamps and unsuitable soil for anything, and now there is a unique park ensemble, erected by order of Peter I. The territory was named the Summer Garden and is considered the oldest park in St. Petersburg.

In order to achieve a well-groomed appearance, to build fountains, tons of fertile land were brought here and the soil was strengthened. The summer garden was built in the French style: symmetrical alleys, neatly trimmed bushes and neat paths.

Lapland Park

For a Scandinavian atmosphere and a deer farm, go to Krestovsky Island. People come to Lapland Park during the winter holidays to feel the spirit of European Christmas and holiday.

In winter, an ice rink is filled in the park, and a rental service is available. There is a deer farm on the territory, where you can admire and feed these northern animals.

New Holland

Did you know that St. Petersburg, like Venice, is located on small islands cut by rivers and canals. New Holland is one of these islands.

Now there is a park and a cultural space, and in the 18th century a piece of land was used to store timber for a shipyard. Then the island was built up, buildings and architectural structures were erected. At one time there was a prison in New Holland, and nowadays a public space has opened in its building, there are playgrounds nearby.

Tavrichesky Garden

The park was founded at the end of the 18th century next to the Grigory Potemkin Palace, which was presented to him by Catherine II. During the construction of the building, a garden was laid out around it and trees were planted around the perimeter.

Gradually, ponds were dug in the Tauride Garden, populated with fish and swans. Until the middle of the 19th century, the entrance to the park was accessible only to the imperial family and entourage.

There are dozens of parks, gardens and green areas in St. Petersburg. Many of them are located in central areas. Therefore, we recommend that you book a 4-star hotel in the center. Express Sadovaya is located in the Admiralteysky district, within walking distance to all major attractions.