How can you spend an unusual day in St. Petersburg?

How can you spend an unusual day in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg amazes with the number of palaces, bridges, museums and monuments. If you have already visited all the main attractions, watched a lot of excursions, we recommend that you devote a day to visiting unusual locations that will allow you to see the city from the other side. 

There are many such atypical places in St. Petersburg. And if you want to know more about the city and its attractions, go to the official website of Express Sadovaya Hotel. In the “News” section, we regularly post tourist routes and favorable offers for customers.

In search of breakfast

Start an unusual day in St. Petersburg with a delicious breakfast in the company of sparkling wine at CHARLIE on the embankment of the Griboyedov Canal. Here you can find classic dishes and unusual combinations.

We recommend ordering a croissant with roast beef and an omelet with chanterelles, and for dessert – cheesecakes. Breakfast is prepared in the institution all day, food can be ordered to take away.

We study the history of religions

Most of the religious monuments in St. Petersburg serve as museums. However, we advise you to visit excursions not only in the main cathedrals of the city, but also to go to the Lutheran church on Kirochnaya.

St. Anne's Church is an active parish, but there are daily guided tours for tourists. You can come here as part of an excursion or take a walk around the building yourself. 

Looking at the city from a height

There are several viewing platforms on Nevsky Prospekt, but the best views open from the roof of Singer's House. Entrance to the territory is paid, from a height you can see all the main sights of the city.

After visiting the roof, take a walk around the building itself.

We walk through communal apartments

Quite an unusual excursion, but in St. Petersburg it is very popular. Famous communal apartments have appeared in the city since its foundation. Gradually, rich mansions that once belonged to nobles turned into communal apartments.

Nowadays, you can meet different people in such apartments. Someone rents a room because of the low cost and location, others buy communal apartments in order to create a creative space or a coliving in their place.

We meet the sunset by the sea

It is impossible to visit St. Petersburg and not get to the sea coast. After a busy day, head to Sevkabel for a beautiful sunset. Creative spaces for tourists are often opened on the territory of the Port.

Devote one day in St. Petersburg to walk through the unusual places of the city. And to get to any location faster, choose a 4-star hotel in the center of the cultural capital. Express Sadovaya Hotel is located in the Admiralteysky district and offers its visitors standard rooms and with increased comfort.