What legends are associated with the sights of St. Petersburg?

What legends are associated with the sights of St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is a relatively young city in Russia, but over three centuries it has managed to acquire a lot of urban legends, secrets and gossip. The northern capital, of course, has a strong energy that attracts mystics and adventurers.

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Monument “The Bronze Horseman”

The monument on the Senate Square is a symbol of Peter's greatness and his reformatory activity. It was erected by order of Catherine II, and today is the main attraction of the city.

However, the “Bronze Horseman” not only impresses with its greatness, but also looks quite intimidating. And local residents in different years claimed that they saw a horseman galloping through the streets of the city. The monument came to life before their eyes.

Dr. Pel's Pharmacy

On the 7th line of Vasilievsky Island there is a mysterious house where in 1858 Wilhelm Pel officially opened a pharmacy and unofficially conducted alchemical experiments.

Today the pharmacy looks the same as it did two hundred years ago. Natural medicines are still sold here, which are prepared according to old recipes. Inside, the decor is made in the style of the XIX century: golden showcases with pharmaceuticals, beautiful ceramic pots and jars for medicines.

Mikhailovsky Castle

We couldn't get past the ghost stories. One of them lives in the Mikhailovsky Castle, and is more often seen on the second floor.

The mysticism of this story is added by the historical fact that the castle became the last refuge of Paul I. The emperor was afraid of conspiracies and built a real fortress for himself, in which he met death from the conspirators.

They say his ghost still walks through the halls of the castle, and the museum staff has repeatedly confirmed this.

Queen of Spades

A children's horror story is real in St. Petersburg. The spirit of the local Queen of Spades can be found on Malaya Morskaya Street.

According to history, Catherine II's lady-in-waiting lived here. Natalia Petrovna Golitsyna knew the secrets of maps and inspired Pushkin to create his work.

Every building, every corner of St. Petersburg is hidden by many legends and stories. Most of the mystical buildings and attractions are located in the city center. Therefore, when going here, book a room in the historical part of the northern capital. Express Sadovaya Hotel is located in the Admiralteysky district, within walking distance from Nevsky Prospekt.