What can you see on a night tour of St. Petersburg?

What can you see on a night tour of St. Petersburg?

Night Petersburg is no less beautiful. After dark, the city lights up, street musicians and crowds of tourists come out to enjoy the panoramas of the city.

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Go on a night tour of the city by boat to see the drawbridges. 

From the deck you will have a view of the Annunciation, Palace and Trinity bridges. We advise you to look not only at them, but look around. From the water during the route you can admire the night Menshikov Palace, the Hermitage, the Arrow of Vasilievsky Island and the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Often motor ships offer not only an excursion program, but also an entertainment part with drinks, a small buffet and live music. And if it's raining outside, you can hide on a closed deck.

Myths and secrets of St. Petersburg

Fans of mysticism will enjoy the "myths and legends" excursions. When dusk falls on the city, it looks more sinister and intriguing.

The guide will take you to the pharmacy of Dr. Pel, to the Smolny Cathedral, the house of Peter I and the statues of sphinxes, accompanying each location with exciting stories. During its three-hundred-year history, the city on the Neva has managed to collect many legends and inexplicable events.

Clubs and bars

After the cultural part of the night program, go on a raid through noisy clubs and liquor stores. Lovers of homemade tinctures, customized interior will definitely appreciate such a tour.

If you take an excursion program, you will be guided through bars that are difficult to find on the map, treated to delicious sets, and all this will take place in the excellent company of drinking buddies.

Safety rules

1. If you decide to explore the city at night, do it in the company of other tourists or locals. The best option is to explore St. Petersburg as part of an excursion. You will be accompanied by a guide, you will travel by bus or river transport.

2. Where there are a lot of tourists, there are also a lot of pickpockets and those who want to make money on visitors. We will not tell the obvious that you need to keep an eye on things and not carry large amounts of money at night. 

3. Order only popular taxi services. You may be offered to drive to the place by private traders, but we do not guarantee the safety of such trips.

The safest place for tourists is the city center. There are always a lot of people and law enforcement officers there. Therefore, book a hotel room in the center. Express Sadovaya Hotel is located in the historical Admiralteysky district, within walking distance from Nevsky Prospekt.