Where can I taste the most delicious desserts in St. Petersburg?

Where can I taste the most delicious desserts in St. Petersburg?

Add more sweet memories to your trip to St. Petersburg. To do this, we recommend that you include trips to interesting pastry shops, pyshechnye and bakeries in the gastronomic tour of the city.

And to know more about the northern capital and its attractions, go to the official website of the Express Sadovaya Hotel. We regularly post collections with tourist locations.

Spices & Joys Restaurant

Here you can enjoy various desserts, attend workshops on baking or creating ice cream.

The restaurant's menu includes European and Oriental sweets. Be sure to try the author's desserts.

Yeliseyev Merchants ' Store

The oldest deli in the city has preserved its pristine atmosphere and offers visitors fresh pastries according to classic recipes and unusual products.

We recommend visiting the store and buying desserts as souvenirs.

Lavanda Eclair

Eclair lovers will definitely appreciate this place. There are dozens of popular dessert options on the menu of the restaurant.

Here you can try an eclair with Belgian chocolate, caramel custard and purple lavender flower filling. 


The author's restaurant of Matilda Shnurova offers an unusual presentation of Russian traditional cuisine.

From the dessert menu, order a treat in the form of a flower pot or popcorn-flavored ice cream.

Mickey & Monkeys

In search of extravagant desserts, go to this place. We recommend ordering author's cocktails from the menu. Sweet tooth will especially appreciate overshakes.


On Bolshaya Konyushennaya there is a legendary cafe where the most delicious and classic crumpets in the city are prepared.

The institution has been operating since the middle of the last century and still retains the Soviet spirit and affordable prices. For 100 rubles, you can eat enough crumpets here and treat your friends. However, before that you will have to stand in line.

Forgot sugar

If you take care of the figure, do not rush to give up desserts in St. Petersburg. In the cafe “Forgot sugar” you can try low-calorie sweets, which do not contain sugar. The establishment focuses on natural ingredients and light flavors.

Most of the interesting restaurants and cafes are located in the city center. To get to any location faster, book a 4-star hotel room. Express Sadovaya Hotel is located in the historical Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg, within walking distance from Nevsky Prospekt.