Green areas and parks in the vicinity of our hotel

Green areas and parks in the vicinity of our hotel

St. Petersburg is famous not only for its palaces, but also for its park complexes. If you have explored all the interesting sights of the northern capital, go relax in one of the green areas of the city. There are several of them near Express Sadovaya Hotel. Read more in our article, but before that go to the official website of the hotel. We have prepared several special offers for you.

Nikolsky Garden

The park area was opened in the second half of the 19th century next to the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, which later became the temple of the Russian Navy. On the territory of the garden there is a monument to the heroes of the Battle of Tsushima, as well as boards with the names of the tragically deceased sailors of the Kursk submarine.

The park is a 6-minute walk from our hotel.

Pokrovsky Square

It is named after a church destroyed in the 30s of the last century. You can get to the square from the hotel in 9 minutes in a straight line along Sadovaya Street.

Yusupov Garden

It was a gift from Peter I to Prince Grigory Yusupov. Later, his son improved the garden, added ponds, canals and flowering plants. At the end of the 18th century, the Yusupovs built a palace next to the park.

Now the Yusupov Garden impresses with an abundance of greenery, the surface of the pond and, of course, the palace of the princely family. It is a 13-minute walk from the hotel.

Alexander Garden

A green, well-kept garden is located next to the Admiralty and is a popular tourist destination. The park area offers views of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Neva River and the Winter Palace.

However, its main attraction is not the views, but the trees. The mighty crowns are carefully guarded by Petersburgers, who even during the years of the Blockade did not chop them for firewood.

You can get to the garden on foot (in half an hour) or by public transport.

The Field of Mars

A park complex in the center of St. Petersburg, where you can have a picnic or just relax with friends on the lawn.

In a quiet green park, it is difficult to catch gloomy moods. But many revolutionaries are buried here and the first Eternal Flame was erected.

Mikhailovsky Garden

It is located behind the Mikhailovsky Palace and is part of the Russian Museum complex. The garden combines strict English, French and imperial styles, attracting tourists during the floral festival “Imperial Gardens of Russia".

The Express Sadovaya Hotel is located in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg, within walking distance from popular tourist spots of the city. Here you can book a cozy room with all amenities or a conference room for working meetings.