5 must-visit museums in St. Petersburg

5 must-visit museums in St. Petersburg

Museums are the business card of St. Petersburg. If you have come here and have not visited any exhibition, consider that you have not been to the northern capital. Museums are mandatory to visit in this city. They impress with their history, halls and genres.

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The State Russian Museum

It occupies about 40 hectares in the city center. There are Marble, Stroganov and Summer palaces, Mikhailovsky Castle, several gardens. 

The Russian Museum has collected in its buildings valuable examples of Russian art from the times of Ancient Russia and our days. People come here to look at the works of Rastrelli, Matros, Bryullov, Perov, Shishkin, Repin, Vasnetsov. Of course, the majestic “Ninth Shaft” of Aivazovsky does not remain without attention.


It is considered the second largest museum in the world. You can walk in it for hours and not examine even half of the halls. 

The Hermitage begins with the famous Winter Palace. The building on the Neva embankment attracts tourists who are ready to stand in a long queue to get into this wonderful world of the museum. The Hermitage collection includes several million works of art. Each hall of the complex impresses with its rich decoration.


After enjoying the exhibitions of masters of the past centuries, take a look at the Museum of Modern Art. 

Erarta translates as “the time of art”, and the museum adheres to this principle. Here you can see the artists of the 20th-21st centuries, visit a theater production or a concenter. Erarta actively supports creative projects and young talents.

Cabinet of curiosities

The museum was founded under Peter I, and nowadays attracts tourists with its collection of anatomical rarities and anomalies. However, in addition to this, in the Kunstkamera you can see expositions of the culture of the peoples of the world, their way of life.

Cruiser Aurora

The first museum ship of St. Petersburg is a veteran of two wars and a symbol of the revolution in Russia. It was from him that the very shot was made, which became the signal for the capture of the Winter Palace.

In St. Petersburg, you can find a museum for every taste: there are more than 200 cultural objects in the city.

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