Which theaters are definitely worth getting into while traveling to St. Petersburg?

Which theaters are definitely worth getting into while traveling to St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg can safely call itself one of the theatrical capitals of Russia. If you have already visited the popular museums and exhibitions of the city, rather go to the theater. In them, directors stage both popular performances of Russian and foreign classics, and bold performances.

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Alexandrinsky Theater

The oldest drama theater in Russia was founded by decree of Elizabeth Petrovna, and today it has become a national treasure of the country. Russian classics were popular in Alexandrinka's repertoire. Now the theater does not lag behind the progress and shows productions by modern directors.

Mariinsky Theatre

The Mariinsky is also one of the oldest theaters whose history begins during the reign of Catherine the Great. In one of the three buildings you can find a cultural program to your liking: ballet, opera or an evening of jazz music.

The historical stage has preserved the rich decoration of the 18th century, and modern motifs can be traced on the new stage.

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Mikhailovsky Theatre

Undeservedly ignored by tourists. But the Mikhailovsky Theater also impresses with its greatness and the spirit of history. Opera and ballet, children's performances are shown on its stage. The ticket price starts from 400 rubles.

Hermitage Theatre

Yes, in the Hermitage you can see not only exhibitions, but also performances. There are few productions in the repertoire: in summer you can enjoy the Swan Lake, in the rest of the months you can watch classical ballet.

Bolshoi Drama Theater

It was founded after the collapse of the empire, but is located in the buildings of the former theater of the 19th century. The BDT has three stages, the most unusual – Kamennoostrovskaya is considered the oldest wooden theater in Russia.

Lensovet Theater

He absorbed the spirit of the Soviet era, which fiercely opposed itself to everything imperial. Boyarsky and Freundlich played on his stage, and one of Meyerhold's students is considered to be the founder.

Akimov Comedy Theater

If you prefer the comedy genre, buy a ticket to the performance at the Akimov Theater. It was opened under the Soviet regime to stage comedies. However, the party did not like the ironic genre, and the theater became objectionable until it passed into the hands of Nikolai Akimov.

The cultural life of St. Petersburg is striking in its diversity. Each theater of the city is a work of art with its own unique history and genre.