The best time to travel to St. Petersburg. When to go to the northern capital?

The best time to travel to St. Petersburg. When to go to the northern capital?

There is no ideal season to visit St. Petersburg - every season suits him. In summer, go hiking around the city, enjoying the unique architecture. Autumn in St. Petersburg is especially cozy. It inspires walking in parks and hiding from the rain in authentic coffee shops. In winter, the city transforms into a European capital in anticipation of Christmas. And in the spring we recommend arranging a tour of museums and exhibitions.

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Winter fairy tale

At the beginning of December, the city is actively preparing for the New Year holidays. Elegant Christmas trees appear on the squares. Hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops decorate the entrance group. There are not so many sunny days anymore, but their shortage is not felt due to the abundance of garlands.

In January, New Year decorations still remain on the streets. Theaters are showing Christmas productions, ice rinks are working on the streets. The average air temperature is comfortable, from -2 degrees. Therefore, do not give up hiking to enjoy the winter city landscapes.

And if you are going to St. Petersburg in February, be sure to plan a vacation during the Carnival. The city will welcome you with folk festivals, fragrant pancakes and hot drinks.

Another plus of visiting St. Petersburg in winter is that hotels and inns offer tourists favorable booking offers.

Spring drops

In spring, the city becomes noisy, bright and cheerful. Petersburgers and tourists stop hiding in museums, shops and go outside to enjoy the warm sun and incredible sunsets.

Street musicians and animators appear on Nevsky Prospekt. Parks open in May. If you prefer spending time outdoors, take a walk to the Nikolsky Garden. It is just a 7-minute walk from Express Sadovaya Hotel.

Summer and white nights

Do you want to catch the most romantic time of the year? Come to St. Petersburg in June.

White nights are a beautiful natural phenomenon of the northern regions, when night is very easy to confuse with day. At this time, St. Petersburg hotels issue special offers for tourists.

In July and August, go to the sea beach to cool off on a sultry summer day. 

Elegant autumn

It is a big misconception that the weather in St. Petersburg is always rainy. This city will pleasantly surprise you with the bright sun in autumn.

In September, have time to enjoy warm days and green parks. Closer to October, the foliage will change into yellow, red and orange. In November, the weather becomes less friendly, so it's time to go to exhibitions and excursions.

St. Petersburg is good at any time of the year. He welcomes every tourist hospitably. Rather, book a room on the official website of Express Sadovaya Hotel to enjoy the beauty and majesty of the city on the Neva.