What sports events to attend during your stay in St. Petersburg?

There are many sports events in St. Petersburg that you can visit during your trip. There is everything here: from football matches to concerts and exhibitions. In this article we will tell you about some of the most interesting and significant sporting events that you can attend during your stay in the Northern capital. If you are staying at the 4-star Express Sadovaya Hotel near the city center, it will not be difficult to get to the main events.

1. Gagarin Cup in Figure skating: an international sports tournament in figure skating on ice. The contestants perform in various categories, such as singles and pair skating.

2. St. Petersburg International Marathon: a 42.195 km race that runs through the streets of St. Petersburg. The marathon attracts participants from around the world.

3. Russian Basketball Championship: a basketball competition in which the best teams of Russia participate. Matches are held in the gyms of St. Petersburg.

4. An international riding tournament in which cyclists from different countries of the world participate. Competitions include disciplines such as cycling and team cycling races.

5. International Dance Sports Festival "Petersburg Spring". Competitions include ballroom, standard and Latin dances.

6. International tennis tournament "St. Petersburg Open": one of the most important tennis tournaments on indoor courts, in which famous tennis players from different countries participate.

7. Sports Games Festival: This festival includes sports games such as athletics, volleyball, basketball and others, in which athletes from different countries of the world participate.

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