Places from famous movies in St. Petersburg near our hotel

St. Petersburg is a city that has long been a place for filming movies and TV series. Its beautiful architectural monuments, picturesque streets and canals attract filmmakers from all over the world. If you are staying at the 4-star Express Sadovaya Hotel near the city center, then within walking distance from it you can find many places that you may have seen on the screen. In this article we will talk about some of them and how to get to them.

One of the most famous places photographed in films and TV series is Nevsky Prospekt — one of the main tourist streets of the city. On it you can see buildings and structures that are part of the architectural heritage of St. Petersburg, as well as many shops, cafes and restaurants. Nevsky Prospekt has become the stage for many films, including "Nevsky — Bolshoy Prospekt" and "Let's get acquainted!".

Another famous place that can be seen near our hotel is the Griboyedov Canal. This channel became famous thanks to the film "Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession" and has since become one of the most popular places for tourists. On the canal bank you will find a large number of cafes and restaurants. 

The next known location is the Peter and Paul Fortress. This complex became famous thanks to the movie "Cobra Throw" and has since become one of the most popular places for tourists. The Peter and Paul Fortress is not only famous for its history and architecture, but is also a venue for many cultural events and festivals.

In the center of the city you can see the famous Hermitage, which became the scene for the film "The Godfather 2" and "Borgia". This museum is considered one of the most important in the world and provides an opportunity to look at paintings by world masters, including Rembrandt, Van Dyck and Monet.

In general, St. Petersburg has many places that have become famous thanks to films and TV series, and which can be visited near our hotel. In this article, we have considered only a few of them. For quick movement around the city and comfortable accommodation, book Express Sadovaya Hotel on the official website. Thanks to a good transport interchange, you can easily get to the main locations.