Routes for tourists in winter St. Petersburg

Routes for tourists in winter St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful and historically significant capitals of Russia. A city with a rich cultural and historical component that can surprise its visitors at any time of the year. But in winter Petersburg appears in a particularly picturesque and mysterious light. Winter Petersburg with its elaborately decorated streets, parks and palaces is truly fascinating and inspiring. At this time, the city offers a lot of entertainment and opportunities for cultural recreation, and you will also have a great opportunity to see a snow-covered fairy tale in the city and its surroundings. If you want to get an unforgettable experience, then book the inexpensive 4-star Express Sadovaya Hotel in St. Petersburg near the center on the official website and enjoy the spectacle.

Next, we will offer you a route option for the winter cultural capital.

Day 1: Visit St. Isaac's Cathedral, the largest and one of the most famous cathedrals of the city. After visiting the cathedral, walk along Nevsky Prospekt — one of the main shopping streets of the city, where you can see the beautiful winter decoration and visit shops and restaurants.

Day 2: Visit the Peter and Paul Fortress — the symbol of the city and one of the most important historical sites. After visiting the fortress, walk along the Petrogradskaya side — an area with beautiful buildings and parks where you can skate or just walk.

Day 3: Visit to the Hermitage — one of the most famous museums in the world with a huge number of paintings and sculptures. After visiting the museum, walk along the Griboyedov Canal — a beautiful place to walk and view the beautiful buildings of the old city. In the evening, you can visit one of the theaters or concert halls of the city, for example, the Mariinsky Theater or the Philharmonic.

Day 4: Go to the St. Petersburg salon “Antiques". Here you can see rare and valuable objects of art and antiques. After that, you can go to one of the warm baths or saunas of the city for enjoyment and relaxation. In the evening, we recommend visiting one of the restaurants or bars of St. Petersburg to try local cuisine and drinks.

Day 5: Visit to the Russian Museum, where you can see the works of classical Russian artists. After the museum, walk through the Winter Garden, admire the winter flowers and plants. In the evening, you will go to one of the famous ballets or opera theaters of St. Petersburg, for example, to the Mariinsky Theater or the Philharmonic.

Day 6: Visit the Fortress Line, which consists of fortifications and towers located around the city, in the past they served to protect against enemy attacks. After that, you can visit one of the museums of modern art, for example, the Russian Museum or the I.E. Repin State Museum of Fine Arts.

This route can be changed depending on the interests and preferences of the tourist. It gives a general idea of what you can see and visit in winter Petersburg. When planning a route, weather conditions should be taken into account in order to avoid inconveniences and make the most of time. It is important to book a hotel in St. Petersburg near the center in advance, for example, Express Sadovaya Hotel. So you can easily get to all the locations described in the article.