How to spend a winter weekend with your family in St. Petersburg

How to spend a winter weekend with your family in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg in winter can be a very beautiful and impressive place to visit with the whole family. The winter landscapes of the city fascinate with their beauty. There will also be a lot of snow attractions and various activities available to you. Many cultural events in St. Petersburg take place at this time of the year, such as New Year's festivals, concerts and exhibitions. Most tourist attractions, such as the Hermitage and Kazan Cathedral, are open to visitors throughout the year. In order to visit these and other places in the city center, we recommend booking an inexpensive 4-star hotel near the Express Sadovaya Hotel center on the official website at a good price.

There are many places in St. Petersburg that you can visit with your family on a winter weekend:

  • The Hermitage is one of the most famous museums in the world, with a huge number of paintings and sculptures.
  • The State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg is a museum with a large number of exhibits and interactive programs for children and adults.
  • Skating, for example, at the skating rink on the Petrogradskaya side or on Vasilievsky Island.
  • Visits to cinemas, concerts, theaters, museums.
  • Access to spas, saunas or swimming pools.
  • Walking around the city, for example, on the snowy Nevsky glade or on the Petrograd side. Don't forget to dress warmly!
  • Visiting festivals and fairs of winter goods and crafts.
  • A trip to winter resorts in the Leningrad region or Karelia. In order to quickly get to such resorts, we recommend planning a route in advance and booking a hotel in the Leningrad region.

These are just a few of the many opportunities that St. Petersburg can offer your family. It all depends on your interests and preferences.

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and visiting it in winter with your family can be a very memorable and unforgettable experience. In winter, St. Petersburg is especially beautiful with its elaborately decorated streets, parks and palaces. In general, visiting winter Petersburg with your family is a great opportunity to relax, get a lot of positive emotions and impressions. Express Sadovaya Hotel offers comfortable rooms to accommodate the whole family in St. Petersburg at an excellent price. To book rooms, go to the hotel's website or contact the manager of the booking department.