Active recreation in the cold season in the northern capital

Active recreation in the cold season in the northern capital

St. Petersburg is an amazing city, which is called an open-air museum. Winter Petersburg is especially beautiful, every aesthete should definitely visit it. You always want to come back here, the city attracts everyone with its majestic architecture and the history hidden behind it. Each stone would tell a lot of interesting events if it could speak. So, in this article we will tell you what activities will help you warm up and on which site it is better to book an inexpensive hotel in St. Petersburg.

Go ice skating in New Holland

Every winter, a large ice rink is built in New Holland, decorated with lights and festive mood. It is so beautifully decorated that it looks like a movie set. When you get cold, head to one of the restaurants or bars to warm up with a glass of red wine.

Visit Krestovsky Island 

When you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city center and want some privacy and peace, go to Krestovsky Island. Walk over the newest pedestrian bridge in the city, connecting Krestovsky Island with the northern part of the city, and do not miss the great opportunity to admire the magnificent view of the ice-covered Gulf of Finland. We also offer a look at the new St. Petersburg football arena, and a small zoo named after the mascot of the Moscow Olympics Cheburashka.

Note that Krestovsky is the main gathering place for those who want to have fun celebrating the winter holidays and keep themselves in shape. It is here that thousands of sports fans gather to go jogging, skiing, and sometimes just to warm up. After a little exercise, head to one of the many stylish restaurants located on the island. 

Take a ride on a sled

The beautiful tradition of horse-drawn carriage riding dates back to the early years of the Russian Empire. It has become the same symbol of Christmas in Russia as Jingle Bells in the Western world. Imagine rushing through a thick layer of crystal-white snow in an ornate carriage with horses in front and majestic palaces in the background. Add to this the iconic ringing of traditional harness bells, and you get the look and sound of a Russian winter fairy tale.

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