What kinds of sports are available to everyone in St. Petersburg in winter?

What kinds of sports are available to everyone in St. Petersburg in winter?

Winter changes Petersburg in such a way that it seems as if you get to another place. St. Petersburg has its own relations with winter — the city "changes clothes" and offers visitors an interesting cultural life with a lot of sports and not only events. If you have booked a hotel room near the center of St. Petersburg on the official website, then you can easily get to the main events and attractions of the city.

Skating rink in New Holland

In winter, there are many ice rinks in the city, but the ice rink on the island of New Holland is undoubtedly one of the best and cozy. To keep warm, you can have lunch or dinner at their famous restaurant "Kuznya" or try street food at one of the cafes in the "Bottle House", and then go on an "ice" journey.

Okhta Park

Located near the city of Okhta, the park is a very popular place among ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Perhaps the best thing to do in the park is ice skating. There are special paths for skaters in the park, where you can ride between the trees.

Ice fishing 

No winter in St. Petersburg is complete without ice fishing. In the early morning, you can always see several fishermen on the ice floe of the Neva. The Neva River is one of the few places on our planet where you can go ice fishing in a megalopolis. As soon as it gets cold in St. Petersburg, most of its rivers and channels freeze, allowing local fishermen to indulge in their favorite winter activity. If you want to try it, make sure that an experienced fisherman is nearby. An experienced guide knows where to find a good bite, and most importantly, thick ice.

Take a sleigh ride 

Traditional Russian winter is never complete without sledding. In St. Petersburg, this is a very popular activity not only for children, but also for adults. One of the most popular places for sledding is the new ski resort in Okhta Park, about 35 kilometers from St. Petersburg. Thanks to modern amenities, it is one of the best places for winter sports in the region. If you want to get to Okhta Park, you can do it by minibus 627 or 680 from Devyatkino station. 

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