Fascinating views of winter Petersburg

Fascinating views of winter Petersburg

Winter in the Northern capital is especially charming. After seeing so much beauty under so much snow, I want something warm, gentle and cheerful. In this article you will find out what you can do in winter Petersburg. If you have booked a room and stayed at a hotel in St. Petersburg near the center, then the proposed leisure will definitely be relevant.

1. Museum tour

Let's just say that it is almost impossible to visit all the museums of the city in one trip. For those who want to enjoy exhibitions in city museums, there are a couple where it is most pleasant to go in winter. First of all, this is the Hermitage and its main branch in the Winter Palace. In summer, the Winter Palace is crowded, and in winter it is free.

The main attractions are Dutch paintings such as Rembrandt canvases, works by Leonardo da Vinci, including Madonna Benoit and Madonna Litta, an amazing grand staircase, a mind-blowing peacock clock. It will not be difficult to get to these museums if you have booked the Express Sadovaya Hotel on the official website at a bargain price.

2. Walk around the center

We have created two routes that will help you discover the snow-covered sights of the city center. 

The first route covers the two largest cathedrals of St. Petersburg, its first-ever shipyard and the main former royal residence of the city. The route stretches from the stunning Singer House, also known as the House of the Book, to St. Isaac's Square. Along the way you will see such places as the Kazan Cathedral, where the icon of the Kazan Mother of God is kept, the Mariinsky Palace, one of the most exquisite historical palaces of the city, and the Admiralty. Now the building has become a naval school and the headquarters of the Russian Navy. Also on the way it will be possible to capture the Winter Palace and St. Isaac's Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the city. 

The second route runs along the eastern part of the city to Nevsky Prospekt, and includes the historical squares of St. Petersburg, many majestic mansions and parks with beautiful snow-covered sculptures. During the walk you will pass the Champ de Mars and the Summer Garden. The Summer Garden is the place where Catherine the Great met Casanova. You will also be able to look at the Mikhailovsky Castle, painted in breathtaking pastel colors. The castle is associated with many legends. One of them claims that the spirit of Tsar Paul I wanders around the former royal residence, and sometimes even winks at visitors from the window. 

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