Where to go in winter in St. Petersburg and where to stay?

Where to go in winter in St. Petersburg and where to stay?

Winter St. Petersburg is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Admire its cathedrals and palaces covered with snow, frozen canals and streets decorated with Christmas lights. If you have booked a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg, it does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy the city without crowds of tourists. In this article we will tell you which hotel in St. Petersburg to choose for the winter holidays, where to stay and what to see.

Of course, a trip to St. Petersburg can not do without visiting its main attractions: Nevsky Prospekt, the Hermitage, the House of Books, St. Isaac's Cathedral, as well as a couple of warm-hearted cafes. But in this article we have picked up atypical winter places.


Winter is a good time to slowly get acquainted with the museum collections of St. Petersburg. The State Hermitage Museum is so large that it will take more than one winter trip to carefully explore all its 365 halls. Therefore, you should immediately decide which of the exhibits are most interesting to you. The first floor is occupied by antiquity, the second floor houses Renaissance, Baroque and classicism art, the third — European painting of the XIX - early XX century, as well as expositions "India", "Iran", "China".


At this time, you can witness one of the brightest theatrical premieres. The most interesting exhibitions in museums also open in winter. Tickets for high-profile productions disappear instantly, so it's better to plan a visit to the theater in advance.

The most famous theater in St. Petersburg is the Mariinsky. Tickets to the Mariinsky usually run out a few weeks before the start of the performance. 

Active leisure

In winter, the open skating rinks of St. Petersburg begin the season, many of which do not close until late at night. This is a unique opportunity to skate surrounded by imperial palaces. By the way, new ice rinks appear in St. Petersburg every year. For convenient access to all popular skating rinks, we recommend booking a hotel at a good price on the official website.

New Year's Saint Petersburg

New Year in St. Petersburg is a foretaste of a fairy tale. The festive lighting creates a sense of celebration, and the New Year atmosphere permeates the city. Christmas trees are being installed on the Palace Square and other squares throughout the city. At this time, Christmas fairs, festivals, and master classes begin to work. Hotels in St. Petersburg are also happy to welcome guests and offer the most favorable accommodation options.

We hope that now you have an approximate guide to winter St. Petersburg. We recommend booking a hotel on the official website of Express Sadovaya Hotel. The hotel is located near the central part of the city, in the Admiralteysky district. You can go to the hotel's room booking page and get acquainted with the nearest available check-in dates.