Places that are definitely worth visiting in winter in St. Petersburg!

Places that are definitely worth visiting in winter in St. Petersburg!

Winter changes St. Petersburg so that it seems as if you get to another place. St. Petersburg has its own relations with winter — the city "changes clothes" and offers visitors an interesting cultural life with many premieres and parties. If you have booked a hotel room in the center of St. Petersburg, then you can easily get to the main cultural events and attractions of the city.

1. Visit the Winter Palace

In winter, the palace looks especially majestic, shrouded in swirls of snow. Once it was a home for the tsar's family, as well as a place to receive important guests. The interior is as royal as possible, with numerous ballrooms, galleries and dressing rooms. The appearance of the palace is amazing. If you have booked an inexpensive hotel room in St. Petersburg, it will not be difficult to get here.

2. Winter Ballet: a vivid performance

During the winter festivals in St. Petersburg, many ballet events are held. Famous among them is the winter ballet season at the St. Petersburg Tchaikovsky Ballet Theater, a production at the Hermitage Theater, where famous Tchaikovsky ballets such as "Swan Lake" and "Romeo and Juliet" are performed.

3. Shopping on Nevsky Prospekt 

Nevsky Prospekt is the most famous street in St. Petersburg. It runs from the Alexander Nevsky Monastery to the Hermitage. Here you will find the best St. Petersburg shops, restaurants and the most beautiful buildings and bridges. 

4. Enjoy the architecture of Soviet times

On Moskovsky Prospekt you can see typical buildings of the Soviet era. There is a large statue of Lenin on Moscow Square, which stands in front of the musical fountains and the House of Soviets. The House of Soviets was supposed to house the local government administration, but the building was never used. Its construction ended shortly before the invasion of Nazi Germany.

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