Which breakfast dish will make your morning magical?

Which breakfast dish will make your morning magical?

When choosing a hotel before a trip, we pay attention to many factors: location, reviews, number of stars. For many, when choosing a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg with breakfast at an additional cost, the quality and variety of breakfast, the taste of coffee, and the freshness of pastries are of decisive importance. The Express Sadovaya Hotel pays special attention to breakfast.

Not far from our hotel you can have breakfast at the MOST restaurant. All restaurant dishes are prepared on the day of serving. The staff strictly controls the quality of the purchased products and dishes before serving to guests. The guests' day starts with breakfast, and it is very important to set the right start to the day, whether it is a business or a romantic trip.

The Express Sadovaya Hotel offers cozy, affordable rooms in the center of St. Petersburg. Also, a hearty and healthy breakfast is always available to our guests at the Express Bar. 

You will be pleased with a varied inexpensive menu that takes into account the individual preferences of each guest, namely: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

Forgot to purchase breakfast service when booking? Contact the reception desk.