Romantic date at the hotel

Romantic date at the hotel

Sometimes you want to make a romantic date special. Organizing it in an inexpensive hotel in the center of St. Petersburg is one of the interesting and unusual options.

There is something special and exciting about enjoying each other's company in a St. Petersburg hotel in the city center.

Simply booking a hotel room on the official website of can be a great way to have a good time together. 

Why would lovers go to a hotel?

To hold a date in an unusual setting, you don't necessarily need a reason. However, most often, there is a special occasion for a romantic evening:anniversary of marriage or relationship, date, or marriage proposal

By booking a room in our hotel, you get a unique opportunity to spend an unforgettable evening. If desired, the interior can be decorated with candles, balloons, rose petals and flowers. Pay attention to our special offer "Romantic vacation together", entrust a romantic evening to the staff of "Express Sadovaya Hotel", and you will only have to enjoy the atmosphere. To get additional information, as well as to book a hotel room on the website /.